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Achielle’s story... Mindfulness4kids

Updated: Sep 11, 2018



Meet Achielle he is 8years old. Achielle lives with ASC. He has some challenging issues to face in his life.

"Achille is a pupil who experiences high levels of anxiety, he will question staff repeatedly. Achille can be impulsive when upset and hit out at others including pupils." (millstead staff)

Achiellle started a 12week programme called ‘Mindfulness4kids’ in March 2017, with Julie from New Beginnings.

He learnt breathing techniques, emotional understanding and how to develop self-awareness.

Achielle completely embraced all the new things he learnt. His breathing is amazing; ask him he can teach you! He can do fingertip breathes to help you calm down in challenging moments. He is a champion breather 😊 This has helped him overcome his fear of loud noises and attend cooking class, which he loved!

Achielle did something truly amazing

he was having a difficult situation at home a few weeks ago. His sibling where in the midst of a violent altercation, this would generally send Achielle into a very challenging place. He can become upset and get angry. Not this time…not now he knows mindfulness techniques.

Achielle bravely went up to his bedroom, whilst his siblings argued, got out his mindfulness things, and went back down stairs. Achielle’s mum was struggling to deal with what was happening. She watched as Achielle came down stairs with his mindfulness breathing card. He walked over to his siblings and told them they need to calm down. “Let’s breathe!! Smell the flower…blow out the candle!”

They sat, breathed together, and calmed down...

Achielle did something truly amazing.

Achielle’s mum wept as she watched her beautiful little boy, not only keep himself together, but also help his siblings to calm down.

What an amazing young man Achielle is.

A champion mindfulness sharer.

"Achille has completely changed since the start of the course. He is more aware of his emotions and will ask for support to regulate. At time’s he has self-regulated using the breathing techniques." (millstead staff)

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