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Broadgreen Primary School Head-teacher: Anne-Marie Moore

Updated: Sep 11, 2018

New Beginnings delivered our Mindfulness4kids programme to a group of children from Broadgreen Primary School. Here is what they said about our service.

"Juliet Awang, New Beginnings, delivered a series of twelve mindfulness sessions to Key Stage Two pupils in our school (aged 7-10). The pupils selected had a range of needs, some with ASD, some with ADHD and others with increased anxieties or emotional needs.

The sessions were fully interactive and developed skills progressively across the twelve weeks. Parents/carers were fully consulted and took part in a showcase event at the end of the twelve weeks.

All the pupils thoroughly enjoyed the sessions, looking forward to them each week and really developed their skills across the twelve weeks.

During the sessions the pupils learnt about focus and concentration, relaxation techniques and breathing amongst other skills. Staff reported increased concentration in class for those pupils and reduced anxieties due to pupils utilising the different strategies they had been taught. For our youngest (Year 3 pupils) staff reported a significant reduction in shouting out and off task behaviour. For our older pupils (Year 5) there were reduced behavioural incidents at playtime as pupils were able to deal with their emotions better when they became angry or frustrated.

As a school we are looking at ways to introduce Mindfulness across all phases of the school and Juliet will also be working with all staff in the new academic year to introduce Mindfulness techniques for their own personal wellbeing.

We have been very impressed with the work that Juliet has done, she has shown great commitment to our pupils and families. She has been professional throughout, adaptable to the ever changing needs of both the school and the individual pupils and I would not hesitate to recommend her to other settings."

Yours faithfully

Ann-Marie Moore


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