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Christ Church CE Primary School Headteacher: Mrs J M Evans

Updated: Sep 11, 2018

In March 2017 New Beginnings delivered our Mindfulness4kids programme at Christ Church C.E Primary School, here is what they said.

"Julie ran a mindfulness programme in our school and we are beginning to see the impact through what our children are saying and their actions.

Julie worked in our Nurture Base with some of our most vulnerable pupils and was able to teach the children mindful techniques in an engaging and supportive way. The children were enthused by what they had learned and could confidently tell staff and their parents what they had learned.

Class teachers report that the children have benefited from the programme and cite examples of where the children have used the techniques independently.

The most moving example is that of a little boy who struggles to manage his emotions and will often hit out, particularly when other children are challenging him. This little boy was being provoked by another child and instead of hitting out he removed himself from the situation and went to tell an adult. When relating the story to his parents that evening he referred to the mindfulness techniques he had learned from Julie as the reason he was able to do this.

Success indeed!"

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