To support adults to discover new coping strategies that support a balanced, positive, healthy well-being. 

Using mindfulness as a tool to enhance self-awareness, self-development, self-acceptance, self-confidence, self-compassion, empathy, compassion.


To decrease worry, anxiety, depression, stress.


All the wonderful elements that can help us deepen our human capacity and bring more meaningful, balanced, peaceful experiences to our lives. 

Programme content

Our mindfulness teacher supports you to discover how to bring mindfulness into everyday living.

  • Benefits of mindfulness and meditation 

  1. Decreased anxiety

  2. Increases focus

  3. Decreased worry

  4. Enhances communication

  5. Decreased depression

  6. Enhances compassion

  7. Decreased anger

  8. Enhances empathy

  9. Decreased stress

  10. Increased understanding of thoughts​ & emotions

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